N55 Plus,Smartphone


Affordable Brilliance in Your Hands

· The Latest Android 14 System
· Ultra-Lightweight & Ultra-Thin
· 6.56" HD+ 90Hz IPS Waterdrop Screen
· Up to 20GB RAM + 128GB ROM

The Latest Android 14 System
5150mAh Large Battery
Refined & Elegant Design

6.56" HD+ 90Hz IPS
Waterdrop Screen

Powerful Octa Core

The Latest Android 14 System

Unleash Infinite Potential, Embrace a Brilliant Future!

DOOGEE N55 Plus runs the Android14 OS system, guaranteeing the seamless and efficient operation of diverse applications on the device. Moreover, Android 14 introduces cutting-edge privacy and security features that offer users a range of personalized settings options to cater to their privacy protection requirements.

Android 14

Privacy Control

With Android 14, DOOGEE N55 Plus vastly improves user privacy protection. The enhanced permission manager provides greater control over application access to data, while the privacy dashboard offers clear insights into recent permission usage by applications, significantly reducing the chances of personal data leaks.

Intelligent Management

Adjust foreground and background process management based on CPU load to allow foreground applications to respond quickly to CPU and memory resources, significantly enhancing the smoothness of foreground applications for users.

Refined & Elegant Design

DOOGEE N55 Plus boasts a sleek and refined design. Its slim profile, just 8.6mm, looks stylish and provides a comfortable grip for effortless use.

186g Ultra-Lightweight

8.6mm Ultra-Thin

Multiple Colors

Take a Closer Look

DOOGEE N55 Plus is available in 2 colors. It's a phone you'll never want to set down.

Multiple Colors

Take a Closer Look

DOOGEE N55 Plus is available in 2 colors. It's a phone you'll never want to set down.

Phantom Black

Multiple Colors

Take a Closer Look

DOOGEE N55 Plus is available in 2 colors. It's a phone you'll never want to set down.

Lightweave Silver

Ultra-Narrow Bezel

Indulge in a seamless visual experience with the delicate, slim borders framing the expansive 20:9 aspect ratio screen. Enjoy every detail, from edge to edge, in vivid detail and unparalleled clarity.

Vacuum Coating on the Screen

DOOGEE N55 Plus's state-of-the-art anti-fingerprint technology uses vacuum coating to ensure your screen stays pristine and spotless.


Significantly minimize fingerprint residue on the screen, cutting down on cleaning frequency.

Anti-oil Stains

Effectively repel grease and stains, preserving the cleanliness of the screen.

Abrasion Resistance

Provide durability against scratches and damage.


Maintain screen clarity and color accuracy without compromising display quality.

6.56" HD+ 90Hz IPS Waterdrop Screen

Ultra-Clear & High Refresh Rate

Experience the remarkable large ultra-clear screen with an impressive 90% screen-to-body ratio, which elevates your viewing experience to new heights by immersing you in a captivating and expansive world.


Aspect Ratio


Screen-to-Body Ratio


million colors





Widevine L1 Support

High-Definition Video-Watching

DOOGEE N55 Plus makes watching high-quality videos incredibly easy. Whether streaming movies, binge-watching new cartoons, or exploring jaw-dropping content, experiencing crystal-clear visuals has never been more accessible.

High-Quality Audio Performance

Born to Spoil Your Ears

DOOGEE N55 Plus delivers high-quality audio, allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of clear, high-quality audio and experience the rich timbres that emanate from the palm of your hand.

3.5mm Earphone Port

Stable and Distortion-free Transmission

DOOGEE N55 Plus works perfectly with the 3.5mm audio jack, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with stereo sound quality.

5150mAh Large Battery

Long-Lasting Battery Life

With a massive 5150mAh battery, DOOGEE N55 Plus empowers users and ensures unparalleled endurance, easily lasting a full day of intensive usage.

419 Hours


36 Hours


35 Hours

Music Playback

9.5 Hours

Video Watching

* Data comes from DOOGEE laboratory test, which may vary depending on the usage environment. It is subject to actual usage.

Self-Developed Intelligent Battery Management

DOOGEE's self-developed battery management system supports charging at temperatures above -10°C.

Powerful Octa Core Processor

Extraordinary Performance for All Your Needs

Utilizing flagship DynamIQ architecture design, based on a self-developed fifth-generation imaging engine Vivimagic solution, DOOGEE N55 Plus achieves a balance between performance and power consumption. Experience a seamless and lightning-fast user interface, perfect for all your gaming, productivity, and multimedia needs.

25%Increase in CPU Performance

25%Increase in GPU Performance

25%Reduction in CPU Power Consumption

35%Reduction in GPU Power Consumption

Up to 20GB RAM + 128GB ROM

High-Speed LPDDR4X Large Memory for Smooth Gaming

Elevating both gaming sessions and everyday tasks, the enhanced smooth performance ensures a seamless user experience with an effortlessly operating system.

Up to 1TB of
Expandable Storage

Massive Space for All Your Photos

Effortlessly store all your photos, files, favorite apps, and games on DOOGEE N55 Plus, offering expandable storage of up to 1TB.

* 1TB TF card needs to be purchased separately.

13MP AI Main Camera

DOOGEE N55 Plus’s 13MP main camera allows you to capture the world around you with jaw-dropping images and record your life as you like.

Beauty Mode

Show Your Natural Beauty

Elevate your natural beauty to new heights with enhanced texture and clarity.



Portrait Mode

Elevate Your Portraits

Experience professional camera quality through DOOGEE N55 Plus's main camera, producing a captivating effect for stunning portraits.

Night Mode


DOOGEE N55 Plus's main camera features Night Mode, enabling you to seize every captivating moment in low-light conditions with greater clarity and more vivid expression.

HDR Mode

Clear Photos Even in High-Contrast Situations

HDR mode can be handy when capturing high-contrast scenes, ensuring the right exposure balance for clear, well-defined photos.



Front Camera

DOOGEE N55 Plus's front camera keeps you in sharp focus, capturing all the vibrant details in stunning clarity.

Face Unlock

Instant Access in a Blink

DOOGEE N55 Plus supports Face Unlock, with precision depth-sensing technology, enabling you to unlock your phone and access to secure apps and many more features with a simple glance.

Dual SIM Cards &
Dual-Band Wi-Fi

DOOGEE N55 Plus is your perfect companion for staying connected! With its advanced features, you can enjoy a seamless experience.

Accurate Navigation

Your Ways Always in Your Hands

DOOGEE N55 Plus’s advanced navigation system ensures unparalleled accuracy, providing precise directions to your desired destinations.






Package Contents

1 x DOOGEE N55 Plus Smartphone
1 x Type-C Cable
1 x Charger
1 x TP Protective Film (Pre-applied)
1 x TPU Protective Case
1 x SIM Card Removal Needle
1 x Packing Box
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card

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